The Endless Trench

Una película de Jon Garaño, Aitor Arregi, José Mari Goenaga

Writers: Luiso Berdejo, José Mari Goenaga
Music: Pascal Gaigne
Cast: Antonio de la Torre, Belén Cuesta, Vicente Vergara, José Manuel Poga, Emilio Palacios, José María del Castillo, Carlos Bernardino, Adrián Fernández, Nacho Fortes, Marco Cáceres, Joaquín Gómez, Esperanza Guardado, Óscar Corrales, Enrique Asenjo, Estefanía Rueda
Production: Coproduction Spain-France; La Claqueta PC, Manny Films, Irusoin, Moriarti Produkzioak

In 1936, at the start of the Spanish Civil War, a newly-married man who has criticized the Nationalist army and government fears that he will be the victim of reprisal killings and goes into hiding. As Falangists search for him, he hides under the floor of his house with the help of his wife.

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Anécdotas del rodaje

A hundred residents from Higuera de la Sierra participated enthusiastically as extras during the shoot. The casting team requested people without tattoos or modern haircuts and “thin children”. As you can imagine, it would have been unusual for overweight children to exist in the post-war period.

To give Higuera de la Sierra the desired appearance for the film, the production team aged the facades of the houses with ochre paint, the electrical cables were hidden and the asphalt of the streets was covered with reddish earth. There were no complaints from any of the neighbours.

The actor Antonio de la Torre, the main character in ‘La trinchera infinita’, had to gain 15 kilos for the scenes in which he appears as an older man. Filming had to stop for five weeks whilst he reached the desired weight.

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