Writers in Andalusia

Granada · Huelva · Jaén · Sevilla

Andalusia, its landscapes, its light, its monuments and its people have inspired many artists of all times. Painters, sculptors, singers, dancers, choreographers… but, above all, it has inspired many writers. In some cases, their lives have been made into movies, and those movies have also been shot on this land, which has also inspired the filmmakers who worked on them. Federico García Lorca, Lope de Vega, Óscar Wilde or Juan Ramón Jiménez have been some of the writers who have make it to the big screen in films shot in Andalusia.


La luz con el tiempo dentro

The shooting of ‘La luz con el tiempo dentro’ overlapped with the shooting in Moguer of the short film ‘Mariposas blancas’, which also included the use of spaces such as the House Museum and the streets of the town. It was only for a few days that the actors who played Juan Ramón Jiménez in both productions did not coincide in the streets of the town:  Carlos Álvarez-Novoa and Marc Clotet in the film by Antonio Gonzalo and Miguel Rellán and Javier Mora in the short film by Bartolomé Fernández.

Lope enamorado

The production company of  ‘Lope enamorado’ chose Baeza as a location because of the attraction of its Medieval and Romanesque architecture. Not in vane the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003.

Al sur de Granada

Fernando Colomo was unable to shoot ‘Al sur de Granada’ in Yegen, where Gerald Brenan arrived in the Twenties, because in 2002 it no longer looked like the one the British writer knew, so he had to film in several locations in the municipality of La Tahá, such as Fondales, where the only house Brenan bought is located and where his secretary and heiress lives.

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